Our diamond wire saws are capable, thanks to their closed loop system, of sawing a multitude of materials: silicon, glass, graphite, sapphire, steel, quartz, etc ...

Benefits obtained:

  • good surface condition,
  • high cutting speed,
  • minimum water and electricity consumption.

The use of diamond wire of different diameters (from Ø 0.6 mm to Ø 1.4 mm) optimizes material losses.

Diamond wire saw type "Labo Line"

  • Easy to use
  • Cutting capacity of 200 x 200
  • All sawing applications

Diamond wire saw type "PV Cropper" Cutting

  • capacity of 220 x 220
  • Series cuts and trimmings with manual or robot loading / unloading

Diamond wire saw type "PV Squarer G2"

Cutting capacity of 400 x 400

Specific diamond wire saws

Below are some examples of diamond wire saws manufactured by BEA :

Diamond wire saw trimmer :

- "Trimmer" type saw

- Maximum cutting capacity: 156 x 156

- Length 640

- Saw dimensions: 1,700 x 1,100 x Ht 2,900

- Cutting speed: 0 to 20 m / s

- Wire feed speed: 0 to 500 mm / min

The saws are customizable according to your application and your process.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to carry out tests.

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