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We will be exhibiting at EU PVSEC Amsterdam 22 to 26 september 2014.

ISO 9001 certification in progress.

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BEA 74

Design and manufacturing
We operate in France but also abroad for manufacturers of automotive, energy, electronics, watches, luxury goods, etc.


Welcome on the BEA  website

Company located in Haute-Savoie, France, in the hearth of dynamic region, Rhone-Alpes, crossroads of European communication and close to Geneva (international airport), B.E.A is at the service of the most famous industry names since 30 years.  



We work in France but also abread for automotive manufacturers, energy, electronics, watches, luxury, etc.


- Assembly equipments and lines with operators
- Automatic assembly machines
- Leak detection systems, control and connection tool
- Equipments with vacuum technologies applications
- Production and process equipments automation
- Machine reconstruction (mechanical and electrical)